The Board Members

Robin Chambers - Chair - KFN Representative
Elsabe Kloppers - Vice-Chair - Canada Representative
Mickey Beattie - Board Member - CAFN Representative
Pauly Sias - Board Member - KFN Representative
Michael Riseborough - Board Member - Canada Representative
Ryan Long - Board Member - CAFN Representative
Linaya Workman - Ex-officio non-voting Board Member - Site Manager - Kluane NP & R, Parks Canada
Samantha Franklin - Administrator

Get to know Kluane National Park & Reserve Management Board. We asked a few of our Board Members "What do you like about Kluane National Park & Reserve" 

Elsabe Kloppers


Elsabé has been a resident of Haines Junction for 15 years, and loves to explore Kluane by air, trail or water, with a camera in hand.  She works for Yukon University and YESAB, and also serves as a naturalist and musician on folk festival trains with Roots on the Rails. She is a wildife biologist by training, and worked in the field for many years studying a variety of species in the Yukon and Alberta. Past work includes graduate studies with Parks Canada, and many years with Yukon Environment, the University of Alberta, and the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board. Elsabé was appointed to the KNPMB as a representative for Canada in 2017, and has served as its Vice-Chair since then. She is grateful for this opportunity to contribute to KNPMB initiatives and develop a deeper understanding of Kluane, while building relationships with First Nations and the community.   

What do I like about KNP&R:

I love Kluane's vast landscape, its species and landforms; I love its icefields, with peaks as high as they are remote, and its wild rivers, worthy of their Heritage River designation; and I love the culture of Kluane, the living landscape of its First Nations, their trails, history, stories, and their shared knowledge of this area.

Mickey Beattie              

Mickey was born and raised in Yukon. He is Champagne and Aishihik First Nations citizen. He was on the Alsek Renewable Resources Council for 5 years. He has been a trapper and guided since a young age. He is excited to be on the Kluane National Park Management Board for the park management planning process. His grandparents were Alex and Sue Van Bibber.

What Mickey likes about KNP&R:

His grandmother was born at Wolverine Creek on the Donjek River in 1912. He was able to go there and to bring his daughter to the cabin where his grandmother was born.


Mickey is a Champagne and Aishihik First Nations citizen. He was born and raised in the Yukon and has spent most of his life living and working on the land. He has been a trapper and a guide since a very young age.

Pauly Sias


What do I like about Kluane National Park & Reserve? Lots of things! Kluane country is my home, Kluane National Park and Reserve is my backyard. Traditionally this is the land that gave my ancestors resources needed to survive. The land took care of my family and it is important to me to take care of the land in return. KNPR landscape is not only part of a National system of protected areas, but part of the Traditional Territory of my people. We are all bound to protect it as well. I was raised to know the entire Kluane area as sacred and special and my task as a KFN citizen is to be a steward to the land, the water, the air, and all that is encompasses within. The values of Parks Canada and KNPR align well for me with my personal values. KNPR is not just a beautiful and impressive landscape, but it is a living land with many lessons to teach. KNPR encourages learning opportunities and cooperative management with First Nations partners, this in my view, is the best way we can all move forward into the future, together.

Michael Riseborough


Born in East Africa, Michael has been an avid outdoors person all his life. His career path journeyed from paramedic to attendant on an air ambulance, through various government services, to economic development, to municipal manager and private consultant. In 2005 he was appointed Superintendent of Kluane. Although retired, Michael keeps active; he was mayor of Haines Junction, he chairs the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal for the Yukon, and sits on the Yukon Panel of Adjudicators for Human Rights. His hobbies include writing software and reading. Michael’s favourite spot on the planet is “a particular rock on the opposite side of the water to and overlooking the Lowell Glacier!”


What do I like about Kluane National Park and Reserve?


I love the ruggedness, and the challenge of being self-reliant on such a wild and beautiful landscape. Whether it is rafting the Alsek River or hiking into St. Elias Lake, the scenery is beautiful and pristine. I want to see the park retain both the challenge and the scenery in perpetuity for coming generations – it truly is AWESOME and an amazingly special place!